National Statistical Office signs MOU with Jiwaka Provincial Administrations
Published on: Feb 20, 2024

The National Statistical Office (NSO) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Jiwaka Provincial Administration (JPA).

The MOU paves way for the Jiwaka Provincial Administration to assist and deliver the 2024 Census through the help of the Provincial Census Coordinator (PCC) and his team within the province.

The MOU was signed by the National Statistician Mr. John Aseavu Igitoi and Jiwaka Acting Provincial Administrator Mr. Rick Kogen and was witnessed by the Census Director Mrs. Hajily Kele where it provides an avenue for National Statistical Office to collaborate with the provincial administration and the people of Jiwaka to ensure the 2024 Population Census will be carried out successfully.

With the understanding between the two offices, it will also provide opportunities for the enumerators to undergo training for the coming Census in June. After the enumerators have been trained, they will work under the Provincial Census Coordinator (PCC) during the census.

The MOU with Jiwaka Province is the first for the Highlands region and second from Madang and country as a whole.

Census Director Mrs. Hajily Kele welcomes Jiwaka Provincial Administration and the newly appointed Provincial Census Coordinator saying the new PCC will be the connection between NSO and the province.

“You will be the connection between NSO and Jiwaka province where we will be relying on you to ensure that whatever needs to be coordinated on the ground in Jiwaka will be through the PCC with the assistance from the provincial administration,” Mrs. Kele said.

Mrs. Kele said, it is very important because the information that will be collected will be basically for everyone, not only at the provincial level but it will also assist the provincial administration to do planning and maybe effective resources allocation.

Acting Provincial Administrator for Jiwaka Mr. Rick Kogen thanked NSO for the welcome saying Jiwaka is ready to assist NSO and deliver the National Population Census successfully.

He said the Provincial Administration has also taken note and considered national events like the census.

“Apart from the provincial priorities, we have also considered national events like the census, the LLG election and PNG games.

“The administration with the District Development Authority and the LLG managers have met and discussed ways to approach census in the province,” Mr. Kogen said.

He said under the leadership of the newly appointed Provincial Census Coordinator Mr. Raphael Kombukon, Jiwaka is ready to successfully deliver the 2024 National Population Census in June.


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