About us

We are the PNG’s independent producer of official statistics and its recognised national statistical institute. We are responsible for collecting and publishing statistics related to the economy, population and society at national, regional and local levels. We also conduct the census in Papua New Guinea every 10 years.

Our Theme:

Securing Official Statistics for Informed and Evidence-Based Decision-Making and Development Planning

Our Motto:

Becoming Smarter and Strategic with Statistics

Our Theme:

Evidence-based and informed policy decision-making and development planning for sustainable development outcomes.

Our Core Value

    • Ethical Leadership with integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency.
    • Profession workforce for quality, diligence, prudence, effectiveness and efficiency in work performance and quality outputs.
    • Respect for diversity without prejudice for position, gender, religion, ethnicity or ability.
    • Collegiality, partnership & team work for consensus and quality performance.
    • Commitment and responsibility for timely and reliable production of quality official statistics.
    • Conform to the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics to ensure our official statistics are of international standards for quality and comparability.


Our Mandate

We are mandated under the Statistical Services Act, 1980 to:

1) Produce Official Statistics:

This requires us to conduct surveys and censuses that no other state agency conducts such as the National Population & Housing Census, Demographic & Health Survey, Household Income & Expenditure Survey, Survey of Business Activities, Market Survey and so on.

2) Coordinate the Collection and Compilation of Statistics:

This requires us to coordinate statistics produced or administered within the National Statistical System such as economics and finance statistics, social and demographic statistics, governance and various other cross-cutting statistics.

3) Designate Statistics as Official Statistics:

This requires us to officially designate and authorize the use of any statistics. We ensure all statistics conform to best statistical  practices and international standards.

Our Functional Divisions

1) Corporate Services Division – supports our operations with:

    • Finance and Accounts
    • Administration
    • Human Resources
    • Publication & Library Services

2) Economics Statistics Division – produces economics statistics through:

    • National Accounts
    • Business Statistics
    • International Trade Statistics
    • Household Price Statistics

3) Population & Social Statistics Division  – produces population, demographic and social statistics through:

    • Research & Development
    • Social Statistics
    • Migration (International)

This Division leads in the conduct of the 2021 National Population & Housing Census. They have also conducted Demographic & Health Survey, and Household Income & Expenditure Survey.

4) Statistical Field Services Division:

    • Field Operations
    • ICT Infrastructure
    • Regional Office