The National Statistical Office currently has 4 Divisions. Their roles and responsibilities are summarized below.

Corporate Services

Corporate Service Division (CSD) provides over-all direction in the formulation and implementation of office policies and programs regarding budgetary, financial, administrative, human resource and other management support services such as publication. CSD coordinates with NSO Technical Divisions, Regional Offices and branches of the agency on matters related to the implementation of the programs and projects of the office;
CSD monitors the implementation of the work plan and activities of the divisions in the department, decentralized budgetary, finance, human resource, management and administrative policies;

Administration and Personnel

  • Prepares technical plans and programs for the development and implementation of office policies and procedures regarding administrative matters;
  • Provides various administrative supports such as records management, office stationery, logistics, transport, security, and other related activities;
  • Undertakes general maintenance functions;
  • Prepares plans and undertakes procurement and control of supplies and equipment;
  • Prepares and issues checks in payment of office obligations;
  • Reviews, evaluates and analyzes administrative reports as inputs for planning;
  • Provides assistance to foreign guests and NSO employees on matters related to official travel and official events
  • Performs other related tasks that may be assigned from time to time.

Human Resources

  • Prepares technical plans and programs for the development and implementation of office policies and procedures in all areas of human resource management and     development in accordance with the Public Service General Order;
  • Recommends and implements programs intended to promote better employee relations, welfare and benefits, career development, discipline and other similar aspects;
  • Monitors the implementation of personnel policies, programs and procedures in the Head Quarter/Field Offices, and prepares report for the use and information of Management;
  • Plans, implements and evaluates training programs in the field of statistics and civil registration by accrediting the NSO as a training institution;
  • Provides support to:
    • Different organizational units on personnel-related activities;
    • Technical experts and consultancy services through cooperation with local and international institutions; and
    • Concerned offices in the implementation of the graduate program in Applied Statistics.
  • Processes personnel transactions and maintains personnel records in the agency;
  • Coordinates with other government and private agencies with respect to human resource related matters;
  • Acts as Secretariat to the Department of Personnel Management, Discipline, Grievance Committee and other related ad-hoc committees; and
  • Performs other functions as may be assigned from time to time.
  • Provides payroll services;


Prepares technical plans and programs for the development and implementation of office policies and procedures regarding accounting matters;
Provides technical support in the field offices on accounting matters;
Reviews accountability reports and documents related to expenditure and disbursements ;
Maintains books of accounts and accounting records;
Prepares financial statements and related reports;
Reviews and consolidates financial statements submitted by the Regional Offices;
Process money claims;
Coordinates with other government offices and other financial institutions on accounting and financial matters;
Maintains records of cash accountabilities and prepares related reports;
Remits payment deductions and issues related certifications;
Prepares and reviews billings on agency receivables; and
Performs other functions as may be assigned from time to time.
Closely liaise with Department of Finance, National Planning and Monitoring and Treasury
Collects fees and remits collections to the depository banks;

Library and Publications

Role is to keep a store all statistical publication and product book, electronic and manuals and also provide technical services such as catalogue references
Publication attend to services such as providing statistical services, revenue collection. Customer services/public relations

Economics Stats

The Economics Statistics Division is one of the core functions and a priority area for the organization. The purpose of the establishment of the Division is to provide economic data for economic planning and measurement of the economy. Its main objective is to ensure that users are provided with useful statistics on business activities, structure and performance of the economy trends in foreign trade levels of inflation, and other relevant information for policy formulation and planning processes.

Business Statistics

Responsible for conducting the census of business activities (CBA). Also responsible for maintaining the central business register.

Price Index Statistics

Responsible for producing the Consumer Price Index on a quarterly basis through conducting weekly market surveys, monthly retail prive collection on food items, etc, quaterly collection of clothing, household effects, miscellaneous items wholesale prices and other similar collection on yearly basis.

National Accounts

Responsible for producing national accounts, estimates government finance statistics and related statistics including rest of the world accounts.

International Trade Statistics

Responsible for producing statistics on international trade-imports and exports of major agricultural commodities. International Trade statistics data is sourced from IRC while agricultural commodities are sourced from the various Commodity Boards. It is also responsible for PNG Balance of Trade Indicators

Population & Social Stats

The second fold of priority area is the Population and Social Statistics Division which covers, data on population issues, education, labour, health, gender, and other social statistics. The service provided in this area helps facilitate appropriate strategies to monitor impact of some indocators on labour force, poverty reduction and economic growth within the country and, for the purpose of planning and research.

Policy & Coordination

The Policy and Coordination Division is a new division established in 2012 under the NSO Restructure.

The division has four branches which includes;

  1. National Liaisons;
  2. International Liaisons;
  3. Environmental Statistics; and
  4. Policy and Coordination Branches.

The Division has a total of 19 Positions including the Divisional head and Admin support staff.  All positions in the division are fully occupied.

  1. Division Activities

The division’s activities is basically to attend to NSO’s Policy matters and also to coordinate both NSO’s recurrent and project activities.

International Liaison

The International Liaisons Branch main task is to liaise with International agencies for support on NSO recurrent and project activities

National Liaison

The National Liaisons Branch has been involved in liaising with the provinces on statistical activities.  One of its achievements was the drafting of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with provinces for the establishment of four (4) Regional Offices to be established in the four main regional centers viz; Southern Region (Alotau, Milne Bay Province / Highlands Region (Mount Hagen, Western Highlands Province / Momase Region, (Lae, Morobe Province and Islands Region, Kokopo, East New Britain Province.

Policy and Research

The Policy and Coordination Branch main tasks since its establishment were to review the NSO’s Statistical Services Act 1980, to participate in review of the National Population Policy as well as to represent the NSO in other Policy matters and discussions.

The Statistical Services Act review has commenced through establishment of a Statistical Services Act review Committee which includes senior NSO officers and Representatives from all State Legal Entities including the Constitution and Law Reform Commission (CLRC), State Solicitor Office, Public Solicitor Office and the First Legislative Council.  

Environmental Statistics

The Environmental Statistics Branch has been so much involved in establishing dialogue with the Department of Environment and Conservation, the Office of Climate Change, the Department of Agriculture and Livestock on areas of environmental issues.  As part of the branch introductory into the Environmental issues areas, representatives have been attending meetings and seminars to familiarize with the issues.