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Establishment of National Statistical Office and its Functions

The Statistic Services Act (Chapter 386) came into force on 5th February 1981, to establish the National Statistical Office. The Organization (NSO) is the Central Statistical Authority of the state & is responsible for the development, and arrangements of statistical information in meeting the needs of the community on which to base policy planning and decision making. The National Statistical Office was established for the purpose of;

  • Collecting, analyzing, compiling and disseminating of official statistics on the Papua New Guinea Economy, Environment and Society.
  • Coordinate statistical operations of state agencies including provincial establishments and local level government.
  • Liaise with international statistical organization and stake holders on the statistical matters
  • Ensure official statistics meet international and national standards in its quantity and quality.
  • Ensure official statistics are produce on time with accuracy and equally available for users at all level

Prior to the establishment of the National Statistical Office, the organization was created under the umbrella of Statistics Bureau which was subjected to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The NSO administration is made four major divisions, which are further divided into branches. Each division is headed by Divisional Heads, and the branches are headed by senior statisticians.
The statistical activities are carried out at the branch level; this is where the designed strategies for each objective are pursued. This involves the provision of reliable and timely statistical information on economic, population, environment and other related conditions in the country. These statistics are intended to assist policy-makers, planners and administrators to evaluate existing policies and future programs.