Final Figures

The 2011 Census Final Figures booklet presents the final population counts from the 2011 National Population and Housing Census conducted from the 11th -17th July in 2011. This booklet serves to inform everyone about the population of their respective Local Level Governments (LLGs), Districts and Provinces. The population numbers have been finalized after extensive checking and validation processes to ensure information collected from the census are accurate and reflective of population changes that occurred during the past 11 years since the last population count in 2000.

The enumeration of the population included visiting 27,541 geographical census units in 6118 Wards of the 326 LLGs identified and established under the 2007 Proclamation on Wards and LLGs.

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National Report

The National Population and Housing Census for Papua New Guinea is one of the important national events on the calendar of the country every ten years. The country’s fourth National Population and Housing Census was supposed to be held in July 2010. However, the event was deferred to July 2011 to provide sufficient preparation time. The first three censuses of the country were held in 1980, 1990 and 2000.

The National Report and the 22 Provincial Reports form the major public release of information obtained from the 2011 Census. The reports provide information at the national, provincial, urban and rural geographic sectors in the form of statistical tables, charts and figures with basic descriptive comments to assist data users interpret and use the census data. The focus of the reports is on citizen population who were enumerated in private dwellings throughout the country.

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